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sxsw panel update....

in the spirit of Open Design and co-creation... very excited to announce that: 

Wearable Tech: Prêt-a-Porter to Prêt-a-Printer?

will now be a panel with some amazing additional confirmed speakers. So the full panel will be:

Syuzi Pakhchyan (los angeles)-
experience designer whose work investigates the intersection between code, cloth and culture. the force behind fashioningtech and author of 'Fashioning Technology'

Otto von Busch (sweden/london/nyc...) -
researcher, haute couture heretic and fashion renegade hacking the operating system of fashion. explores the relations and interfaces between designer, producer and consumer, and how these positions can be renegotiated within the fashion industry. author of 'FASHION-able: Hacktivism and Engaged Fashion Design'

Mary Huang (nyc)-
designs interactions, fashion, and the future of stuff. works with code and form: rhymeandreason. one half of continuum fashion using digital technologies to create distinctive bespoke design

Valérie Lamontagne (montreal) - 
founder and director of 3lectromode  a design group invested in developing wearables which combine D-I-Y technology with current fashion research. digital media designer-artist, theorist curator and researcher at Concordia University

Odette Valentine (london) -  sometime fashion designer and maintime researcher in wearable technology & open design, weft-lab, Brunel University London

now if that line-up doesn't light-up your wearable really need to check your batteries! 

to make sure we light-up Austin, TX at sxsw interactive (march 9-13), please click and pick our panel here before 2nd september  

big, big thanks to Suyzi for getting everyone headed on a 202.50° bearing...

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