Human Limits

The Wellcome Collection recently hosted the 'Human Limits' symposium with a range of speakers discussing where the human body sits in social contexts when technology is constantly thriving and the ultimate human limits to this. One of the key note speaker included Kevin Fong, who gave a talk titled 'To Boldly Go' and made a point of the human complexity allows fragility; however, the human is conditioned to to continually explore and take risk, therefore this is what leads to innovations. Other speakers included Emily Sargent (curator of Superhuman exhibit), Prof. Graeme Gooday (University of Leeds), Christine Cornea (University of East Anglia), Anders Sandberg (University of Oxford), Karen Throsby (University Warwick) and Oliver Morton (session chair). The symposium was timed with the Superhuman exhibition that explored past, present and future human enhancements.

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