The Future IS Here: Design Museum

A recent visit to the Design Museum's current exhibition 'The Future Is Here' focuses on design, new materials and manufacturing technologies; highlighting some of the most recent and exciting innovations in what some are claiming to be a new industrial revolution. Entering the exhibit introduces a historical context of past industrial manufacturing right up to the present day. Alongside this runs a live modern making factory displaying some of the most up to date and innovative making processes, with shelves of example artifacts produced on display for visitor interaction. 3D-printing, laser cutting/ etching and CAD modelling were a few active processes drawing in an engaged audience in awe.

Amongst the main display of products were 3D-printed implantable skull plates, robotic manufacturing, hackable products, open source platforms, computing hardware and material processes to name a few. What was most exciting for Weft Lab to view was Philippa Brock's jacquard woven fabrics, using on loom finishing techniques to produce 3D textiles. Combining traditional textile manufacturing with technologically advanced capabilities demonstrates the potential of this relationship for new possibilities. Textiles are one of the oldest forms of material production and the exhibition re-confirms its constant position as a novel making method alongside new evolving practicies. The possibilities of combining design, making, technology and manufacturing is proving to push boundaries and open new exploratory levels of design.


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